Waste Receptacles

May 18, 2016

Who says trash can’t be attractive and functional?

Not us, that’s for sure. In fact, at Soft Touch Furniture, we believe that your trash receptacles are not just an integral part of your establishment’s look, but they also contribute to the flow and logistics of your workspace.

To that end, we build trash receptacles that look great, and come designed with the clever little extras and options which eliminate the “I wish it wasn’t like this” frustration many workers feel when emptying them. For example, permanently routed lettering, making it clear which receptacle is for what waste; continuous pull handles for easy opening; logically designed drop stations; and more. The options are many, no matter what type of trash receptacle you desire.


Model: STF-231

Model: STF-232

Model: STF-241

Model: STF-251

Model: STF-351

Model: STF-252

Model: STF-2525

Model: STF-250

Model: STF-261

Model: STF-262

Model: STF-263

Model: STF-210

Model: STF-420

Model: STF-365

Model: STF-360

Model: STF-220-S

Model: STF-340

Model: STF-325

Model: STF-390

Model: STF-900

Model: STF-901