ADA Regulations

June 2, 2016

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Regulations

One thing a lot of people forget about when designing a restaurant is accessibility for the disabled in terms of dining comfort. Your restaurant may have ramps, handicap accessible bathrooms, and parking spaces, but there is more to making a space accessible to the disabled. Below are the standards for designing with regards to ADA regulations for access to tables.

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ADA Recommended Clearances

To comply with ADA regulations for wheelchair access to tables please use these recommended specifications:

  • Minimum clearance of 27″ from the floor to the bottom of the table
  • Minimum barrier free width of 30″
  • Minimum barrier free depth of 19″
  • Minimum unobstructed space from tale edge of 30″
  • Overall table height not to exceed 34″

Additional ADA Resources

  • National Network of ADA Centers:
  • U.S. Justice Department’s ADA Side:
  • ADA and ABA Guidelines: