Size and Layout—Examples & Spacing

June 2, 2016

Size and Layout—Remember that every space can be unique, no matter how regular or irregular it may be.

Different layouts create different atmospheres, which allow for very different experiences. When laying out your space, make sure you’re not only thinking about the overall floor plan, but also considering the height you want your diners to be sitting at. Having seating areas that are at different heights can make your space much more dynamic, and allow many different experiences within a single area.

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Things To Consider When Designing
—Your Space

  • Organize seating so your staff has a clear path between each table and the kitchen.

  • For busy aisles with bidirectional traffic (both servers and customers), consider a wider aisle.

  • Leave clear paths to fire exits. In the event of an emergency, guests must be able to escape. If you’re unsure whether your seating plan is safe, consult the local fire marshal.

  • Think about your desired customer base. Different groups of people feel more comfortable in different settings. Casual, formal, a mix of the two – what’s your vision?

  • Remember it’s your space. There are thousands of options for designing it, so you can be as creative as you want.

  • When in doubt, ask for help. At Soft Touch Furniture, we are happy to help with the designing of your space, and we will work with you to make sure your vision is realized.