January 31, 2019

Custom Furniture Built-Ins

There are some people who simply want what they want. They go to the store, look at cabinets or bookcase or entertainment centers and for one reason or another, say “no, that’s just not going to work” They say this over and over.

Then they think “I wonder if someone could custom build what I want?

Indeed, someone can. Soft Touch Furniture does exactly that!

As a full-service provider, we can commit to excellence for the duration of the project. From early sketches to final polish, we’re constantly problem-solving to manage the unexpected.

Engineering and Design

Our consultation during the design and engineering stage is what many clients say is our most valuable asset. We make sure your piece is exactly what you want, functional and flawless.

Finish and Development

To create the right effect, we can match any wood type with precision color matching, as well as refinishing and distressed glazed finishes, and we do it in our shop.


Our expert craftsmen can even provide installation. This final step allows us to ensure that the original vision is executed to perfection.