January 31, 2019


Millwork—When Your Space Requires an Eye For Detail

One of the advantages of working with Soft Touch Furniture is our modern, technologically-advanced Architectural Mill Shop, where we can custom build almost anything our clients require. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind piece, a short or medium run mass production project, or anything else, you can count on us to do beautiful, quality job that meets your exact specifications.

Wanting to see some of our example Millwork projects? Head over to our Portfolio page to view some of our work.

Engineering and Design

Our consultation during the design and engineering stage is what many clients say is our most valuable asset. We make sure your piece is exactly what you want, functional and flawless.

Finish and Development

To create the right effect, we can match any wood type with precision color matching, as well as refinishing and distressed glazed finishes, and we do it in our shop.


Our expert craftsmen can even provide installation. This final step allows us to ensure that the original vision is executed to perfection.

Your Furniture and Fixtures, Your Way!

We work in wood, laminates, plastics, and metals; and offer translucent, opaque and faux finish surfaces in a variety of shades. The wide range of materials and color options gives us flexibility in meeting all of your specific needs. And our designers are at your disposal, able to help bring your wishes to life. Conversely, we can accept your designs and build them to your exact specifications – with Soft Touch Furniture, you always get what you want, when you want it, because you’re working with the craftspeople who actually build everything.

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