January 31, 2019

Restaurant Refurbish

Furniture Repair, Refurbishing, and Refinishing

Does your establishment have furniture that you really love, but has become old, creaky, tired, and worn? Do you wish someone’s skilled hands could bring it back to life? Well you’re in luck, because Soft Touch Furniture can do exactly that.

Refurbishing—Quality You Can Trust.

When it comes to quality manufactured or refurbished booth seating, more restaurants are turning to Soft Touch to fulfill all of their booth seating requirements!

If your restaurant is in need of a make-over call Soft Touch Furniture first! Our professional team of certified upholstery and wood refinishing technicians can easily turn your existing furniture back to “like new” condition. We’ll pick-up, refresh, and deliver your furniture on-time and on-budget. Give us a call today and discover the Soft Touch refurbishing advantage! Call 1-877-747-7638 toady.

The Overnight Restaurant Refurbish

Speaking of remarkable services, our overnight restaurant refurbishing service is nothing short of amazing. We’ll come in, assess your furniture, work out all of the details with you, and then the magic happens…on the chosen evening, after you close, Soft Touch Furniture comes in and gets to work. Repairing, Replacing, Retooling, Refitting…the clock will strike midnight, and our skilled craftspeople will still be there, hard at work.

And when the sun rises, you’ll come in and be amazed at what you find—a brand new restaurant! Looking exactly like you dreamed it would. And the best part is, you don’t lose an hour of business. It’s like someone waved a wand and transformed your establishment.

Want details? Simply contact us, and we’ll discuss how we can transform your establishment overnight (literally!)