March 13, 2019

Tips For Choosing the Right Booth For Your Restaurant

Booths are the most popular seating option compared to the regular chair seating, this is partly due to the comfortable seating, pleasing decor and privacy. With there being so many possibilities it can often be confusing on where to start. Here we will provide a few tips on how to choose restaurant booths that best fits your needs and design wants.


One thing to consider when purchasing a booth is quality. Quality should not be compromised considering the amount of use that it will receive especially for a busy establishment. Soft Touch Furniture’s booths are unique but it doesn’t reduce the quality. Each of our booths are checked and re-checked by quality assurance to ensure that our customers get a product not only performs but lasts.

Restaurant’s Size

One thing that must be considered is the size of your restaurant, this help determine what type of booth you way want to get. For instance, if your restaurant is on the smaller side you may want to get a compact booth compared to large luxury booths and tables. You also need to take into consideration if your restaurant  has the room for the booth that you want, for example a booth with a head roll and a thick end cap may take up more space.

Your Customer

After you determine how much space you have, you than need to determine who your customer will be. For example, for a family friendly restaurant the best choice is to go with vinyl padded booths. Vinyl is easy to clean and impervious to stains which are more likely to occur with children.  If your customer are mainly adults and you might than opt for bar height booths, with cloth like fabric for better comfort. No matter what your needs are we can accommodate, so no worries there.


Our booth manufacturing capabilities are limitless. Anything you can think of we can design, whether it is a classic design like the Adams booth or something that you specially designed. If you can dream it, we can build it.