February 1, 2019


Fabric Grades

Grade = Price; it’s that simple! The grade is just an indication of how expensive the fabric is to make, not an indication of quality or durability. Each manufacturer has its own grading system. Those systems vary from one manufacturer to another and are based on many variables like intricacy of weave, fiber content, construction, and performance characteristics—all factors that affect cost.

Double Rub

For designers, double-rub is called abrasion data. That data is extremely important when selecting fabric for upholstered pieces that are going to be subjected to high traffic. Double-rub is a testing method that uses a special machine to pass a testing pad back and forth over the fabric until it is worn out. Each back-and-forth pass is known as a double rub.

Upholstery Options

We have a wide array of upholstery choices. Type of material (from cloth of every sort to vinyl to leather to anything else you can imagine), colors, textures, stain resistance—you name it, we can work with it.
Click on the fabric company’s logo to go to its website; click on the link below for a PDF with Soft Touch Furniture’s fabric grading.Many other vinyls and fabrics are available from Soft Touch Furniture. For availability, contact us with the name of the mill or distributor, pattern name and/or number, and color name and/or number. Custom finishes are also available for many of our fabrics. (Minimum quantities and extended lead times may apply; contact us for details.)

Vinyl Options