February 5, 2019

We’ve Gone Green!

We’re Green

We’ve Gone Green, because we feel it’s an important, earth-changing investment.

Regardless which side of the climate debate you are on, it’s clear that there’s no downside to trying to be a better environmental partner. Even if all one accomplishes is simply “less waste”, that’s a solid goal (and we do a lot more than just generate less waste).

To give an example, we’ve invested heavily in Refurbishing and Reupholstering technologies and services. Because doing such is RECYCLING. Reupholstering or refurbishing your furniture can be less costly, but more importantly you help us do our part for future generations to live in a cleaner, safer environment. Less resources, less trees used, less garbage… everyone wins. Why throw away or burn your old furniture when we can offer a service that will save you stress and money and, in a small way, help protect our planet?

In 2007 alone, we reupholstered or refurbished over 50,000 pieces of furniture. This not only saved our clients’ money, we lessened the overall “manufacturing footprint” that building new would have caused (of course, we build plenty of new furniture too, but we’ll always discuss refurbishing when possible, especially if the furniture’s “bones” are solid.)

In addition to refurbishing, we also take pride in using ONLY spray adhesives that have been certified for indoor air quality. Our adhesives emit low VOCs, produce very little waste, and are self-contained, using no additional air to spray. They are also SCAQMD Compliant (South Coast Air Quality Management District, with some of the toughest standards in the US).

Green – From Us to You
We’re also proud to offer environmentally-friendly upholstery components with our custom seating products. We allow our clients the option of using eco-friendly upholstery fabrics, and recycled and/or natural foam for custom booths, seat cushions and window seats. So if you wish, you can Go Green along with Soft Touch!

Our Green upholstery options include:

  • 100% natural latex foams
  • 100% natural fiber foams
  • 100% recycled polyester fabrics
  • Other eco-friendly fabrics (always changing – just ask!)

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